The Tribe that Doesn’t Fit in!

A month ago, at Club Paraiso, Raipur, breakfast table, I remember this fellow guest, who was also a distant relative, inquisitively enquired, if I were facing an acute financial problem. And Oh my God, she was so concerned that “I WAS TEACHING”…. She said, “Neha, I mean… paise ke liye yeh sab?!!!” I still remember the thunderbolt in her voice. 

“Excuse me!!! …..I ….l” I smiled as I ran out of words. 

 I never thought, why I took up teaching in the first place. May be, for the love of it.  Hey, there is more… Recalling the very shy me, though strongly opinionated, I never had a voice. Or perhaps I chose not to speak. Yes it was a choice, out of fear of not being heard, or being mocked at. The fear that a quiet rebel buried within. And as I came out of the shell, I realised, I wasn’t alone – We were a tribe. There were loads like me who genuinely believed – 

♟That the Popular might be a Lie and the Truth hidden in oblivion

♟That there are no rules in life, only we THINK there are

♟That we may not believe in idols and places of worship, and still be close to God

♟That being right in ones own eye is more important than seeming right to the  society 

♟That doing the right thing is important even if it doesn’t serve your interest 

♟That We’d write our own theories, than mugging up the ones given to us

♟That the correct path might be time taking, difficult and  inconvenient, but that’s the way we’d rather travel 

♟That I’d prefer being ME, to being readily Accepted in the society I am suppose to fit 

And so, I happily bore the burden to lead my tribe, my people – the ones with bold loud minds and whispering voices, to where we could find some light. 

– Neha J

©️Thoughts just curious

Published by Neha Jhunjhunwala

Sparkling storyteller, Singer, Writer, newly a reader, Arm Chair Rebel and ‘Secretly a Mermaid’

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