She was young, vibrant and completely lost her mind, when he frowned at her. He sat at the table ignoring her as if invisible. So what, even she was mean to him almost everyday. Sometimes snarky and indifferent too. So, why be so shattered.

She dreamt of him, every night, and waited, everyday. Pretended he didn’t matter. Made friends with his friends. Inside of her was shy, still wore a nice smile and crossed her comfort zone, just to be with him. Never revealed herself to him.. he needed to know her soul.

Couldn’t sleep through the nights, cried, gave up on make up, couldn’t work… and as she gathered her bits together, a memory crossed her mind… when she was younger, more vibrant… and faced the same situation. She fled, leaving all behind.

Now, the choice lied – to repeat or evolve. Life puts us through the same problems, disguised in colourful clothes, till we discover the answers and confirm the lesson finally learnt…. To be continued…

-Neha Jhunjhunwala

©️thoughts just curious

Published by Neha Jhunjhunwala

Sparkling storyteller, Singer, Writer, newly a reader, Arm Chair Rebel and ‘Secretly a Mermaid’

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