The Art Of Choosing Life

She tried too hard NOT TO BREATHE, to give up on herself, to strangle herself into the arms of Death. While waiting for her soul to depart, she could witness her entire life in a flash, including the greatest love. Her treasured golden voice, that could have vanquished the world. She was about to let it go forever. The lights were fading. End seemed near.

“What if death rejects me, just like life. Or she may be as busy as mom, and didn’t have enough time. What if she punishes me for disturbing her before time and takes away my voice as a toll.” As the eternally embedded yearning to bear her golden voice until infinity crept up, she quietly let go off the cream and golden sheet coiled tightly around her neck. The love for Life finally triumphed over the deepest scars hidden underneath her porcelain skin. The mind started calculating and comparing the pros and cons of Life, to her fraternal twin, Death.

Life is too short to fight, hold grudges or keep the hurt concealed. If something is bothering you, simply take it off your chest. Speaking out once in a while is important. Talk it out instead of holding on to it, being trolled by it and killing your mind. Mental health is important. “I” am important. From this day, promise me, you’d practice self love and be vocal. In case, you have no one to hear you out, I am always there, even if you are a weirdo or a loner or I don’t know you, you are still welcome.

She is the most beautiful girl I have known. Not because she is doe-eyed or porcelain skinned. Because she is brave. Though broken, she still managed to crawl out of the dark space on her own. She chose going on to giving in, in spite of being all by herself. To embrace Life over and over again isn’t always easy, but it is always the steep gradient road that leads to the peak.

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Sparkling storyteller, Singer, Writer, newly a reader, Arm Chair Rebel and ‘Secretly a Mermaid’

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