Sindoor khela by Debanjali Biswas

A write up by my friend Debanjali Biswas

No matter how exotic and photogenic it looks, sindoor khela is not as beautiful as it appears to be. It is remains of unjust ritualistic laws of a society once dominated by strong patriarchal values. I’m not a feminist but certain experiences have made me stop and think in the last few years.
Stop and think for a moment of those ladies who have suffered a marriage separation or have been recently widowed. Not only they are deprived of the joy of participating in this festival, but they are also reminded of their social position. Imagine this happening to your own mother or sister. Every year on dashami, this celebration of marital bliss brings as much tears as it brings joy.
Why can’t sindur khela be more inclusive? Why can’t sindur expand itself & become an ornament for all irrespective of her marital status on that one particular day?
It is a war that remains to be fought …& to be won.
Only then we can wish each other by saying #subhobijoya.

Published by Neha Jhunjhunwala

Sparkling storyteller, Singer, Writer, newly a reader, Arm Chair Rebel and ‘Secretly a Mermaid’

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