Quarantine incognito – Secret Goals Achieved

I very clearly remember, as if it were yesterday, hiding behind the pale yellow striped wooden door of my aunt’s balcony, holding a small silver scissor (that is still there at my mum’s place) trying to snip my own fringes.

Being a hairdresser was a secret childhood obsession. I was always caught. Well mostly! Seems mum was always on a look out. She would forbid me from cutting the doll’s hair as it would never grow back. Never grow back! To me they were living. Also I could hurt myself or someone else. The adventurous I would sneak into the loneliest corners of our house and trim anyone’s hair I could lay my hands on… my doll’s, baby sister’s, cousin’s .. anyone.. just anyone whom I could convince. Perhaps that marked the beginning of developing the remarkable marketing skills that I now possess.

That’s Nina’s new hair style

My luckiest day was when my little cousin asked me to style and blow dry her hair for a family wedding. Yes! I have witnessed a day like that. A flamingo feather in my early teenage cap. That day I would have even shared my top secret lock diaries and musical instruments only if she had asked. Like a perfect vanity princess I was forever ready to advice on hair and skin care to anyone who would want to listen.

After the haircut

While the world craved a son, having a daughter appeared a miraculous boon to me. Secret wishes do come true because Santa does exist. I’ve been rather nice I guess. While in quarantine my daughter’s doll like hair grew longer and longer. She would have happily turned into Rapunzel. But the bundles of strands curled on the sides. That was the exactly the time I clicked a back picture and persuaded my seven year old to get a nice hair cut from mommy.

The seven year olds now a days are a different breed. Difficult to deceive and unequivocally outstanding at bargaining. She pressed at bartering her hair for mine. But there was no way I could have agreed to that. So the next method I opted for was instilling fear. The fear of split ends and rough edges to a vanity princess is like a tyrannosaurus on a chase for human kid meat. The deal was sealed with her oldest barbie doll Nina getting a new hair style thus completing the circle of life.

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Published by Neha Jhunjhunwala

Sparkling storyteller, Singer, Writer, newly a reader, Arm Chair Rebel and ‘Secretly a Mermaid’

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