The Mystery of Mer-Bay – The Curtain Raiser

“There do exist parallel worlds and places, that we are entirely, unsuspectingly unaware of. Those that we influence and touch, yet camouflaged in oblivion. While our wisdom is circumscribed, we profess to have vanquished the immeasurable, unfathomed infinite. Yes, there is knowledge, understanding and discernment, but there is a lot beyond.”

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“He didn’t matter,” she lied… thoughts & Quotes 3

The thought of being with her patch-eyed pirate was so beguiling,
that the prepossessing mermaid let go off her dwelling,
As she left her solace and finally surfaced,
The tranquility she was seeking was vanquished..

-Neha Jhunjhunwala
©️Thoughts just Curious

Blinding Beauty

The form of beauty is so beguilingly blinding,
That we seldom look beyond it.
The skill, the art, the love, all dwell in disguise,
While our shallow mortal beings rejoices

©️Thoughts just curious

Neha Jhunjhunwala

Declutter the mind

The epiphany while decluttering –

That we had once treasured, may not be precious at all

– Neha J

Coprights©️Thoughts just curious

Yes, I am born a Hindu

Yes I am born a Hindu,

But I won’t support you.

Babur did make a mosque on our temple,

But that was centuries ago.

If you seek vengeance from the past,

Kill the British for our martyrs first.

Yes I am born a Hindu,

But I won’t support you.

You provoke me to fight my fellow men

Because they worship towards the qibla

I don’t wish to learn discrimination,

Sorry my needs are jobs and education.

Yes I am born a Hindu,

But I won’t support you.

You forbade me from my hard earned

Concocting a story ungoverned.

You convinced me on nation’s pride,

While empty stomach my children cried.

Yes I am born a Hindu,

But I won’t support you.

While my brave country men bled

You played your crafty card of blame

You put us down and brought us shame

Begging for votes on the martyrs name

You’d troll me for your selfish gains

And I feel so scared to sign my name

Yes I am born a Hindu,

But I won’t support you

– An Awaken Indian

@thoughts just curious

Neha Jhunjhunwala

I changed my pen name while posting this to my fb account due to the fear of being trolled by the right wingers.

One is fun

I have been hearing a lot of people advocating a two children policy, sibling bonding… I believe ONE IS FUN, there are many benefits of having one child over two, as in –

😊 Bringing up one kid is less work for the mother, giving her more ‘ME’ time for herself

🙃 You can invest more time in your kid’s upbringing

😊 You can invest time in yourself,do something you always wanted to, learn a new language, work towards a goal, do something productive for yourself and others around you

🙃 Social malpractices like dowry, gender preferences automatically get curbed

😊 Only children are not lonely. Experience says they are SELF SUFFICIENT while growing up and EXTROVERTS later in life.

🙃 Today you are rich, you can afford two, three, four children. What if tomorrow isn’t the same for you financially. Life doesn’t come with a guarantee card. And may be that is the best thing about it. Yes, you may face a financial fall out with a single child also. But it would be easier to handle. Much much easier. There would be no race for resources. Your child and you both would be in a better position comparatively

😊 Single kid means a better affordability anyday. You can provide your child with better facilities getting them better ready for this competitive world

🙃 If I have less responsibility, less financial pressure, I can take greater risks, I can grow well

😊 And Sibling bonding… You don’t need to be a blood relative for bonding… Love is unconditional

Neha J
©️Thoughts just curious

The most misunderstood concept ‘LOVE’

जेहि कें जेहि पर सत्‍य सनेहू। सो तेहि मिलइ न कछु संदेहू।।

Love – a strong feeling of affection, fondness, tenderness and warmth, and the most misunderstood concept ever. It’s a basic need for development of emotional intelligence and otherwise also. My quest for love began some 35 years ago, the day I was born.

So let’s define love in one word – Unconditional.

There is absolutely no room for love where conditions apply.

The second attribute of love is Involuntary.

The literal meaning of involuntary – done without will or conscious control. Love is involuntary as in we cannot force ourselves to love someone just because we are suppose to love them. For example: When two people are united in a marriage they are supposed to love each other but there might be an emotional disconnect. Vice-versa, two people say A and B may be madly in love with one another, while on a social tangent they might be with different companions. They aren’t allowed to fall for each other but we just cannot NOT love someone voluntarily.

Love is unreasonable and inexplicable.

It is kind of instinctive. That’s my latest find. Once I went out with this guy and immediately fell for him, while he kept looking at all his so called flaws and asking me indirectly my reasons. Perhaps he was more calculative and less instinctive so now we are strangers with memories. Memories that are enchanting, engaging and so spellbinding that just about entangles with sensibility.

Love never goes into nothingness

In case of a separation, as in death or divorce or any kind of dissociation, we do not cry only for that other. We also cry because we feel that we have lost the love that was within us for them. Our affection for the bereaved kin remains unharmed, unflawed, untouched and safe inside the mind. It’s only the physical existence of that person that goes away.

Hatred or misplaced love

Hatred – detestation, loathing, abhorrence and resentment. At times, when love is not reciprocated or perceived the way we wanted, it sometimes gets incorrectly positioned. Hate is merely a form of misplaced love. Though not all forms of hatred are twisted love.

Most importantly, materialism can be desired not loved. I myself am an absolute aficionado of bags, belts and shoes, trust me they can be done without.

If we sort out our emotions well (love being the strongest one), not rush into relationships for social factors, we will become more self contained and satisfied. So, love thyself, your work and people around you indiscriminately. Be that passionate soul which seeks unconditionality on this bourgeois planet.

N.B. I intended to write about delicious soulful self love in this article, but self seemed to be transient while I was lost in love.

– Neha J

©️Thoughts just curious

Do not self reject

When in doubt, take a chance, DO NOT SELF REJECT. Risk it. You may not succeed at once, but the cost of Not trying is a lot more.

The fear we fear is the self within. Whether or not will we be able to accomplish that love… If that desired is the destined… I have been told, “when in doubt go to the library”… But the rebel went to her mentor… I wish I was allowed to add you on FB Valerie Loh….Here’s the reply 💕

Dear Neha

I will answer your question before the assignment critique is returned.

Writing is a discipline, like any other. The more you do, the more you overcome ‘blocks’.

It takes dedication and determination.

If you cannot go forward with one project, or plot, then you ask ‘What if?’ and come at it at another angle.

It is better to write something down so you have work to edit than not write at all.

So keep writing, keep learning and when you have work finished keep submitting until the rejections become acceptances.

The only way to really fail is to give up.

Best wishes


Get them World Ready

Inspired by a recent incident 😉

“The clown ate the fly” said Yash, and the entire class burst into laughter. Manya’s mother scolded her, “We should not laugh at others.” Yes Manya’s mother was right there, inside my classroom. She refused to leave inspite of repeated requests.

Being a paranoid mum myself, I completely understand, she wanted to make sure that I taught her daughter well. She sat well settled at the door, with her legs crossed. “But in my classroom you are free to laugh Manya, it’s your choice, in fact, here, we all laugh at our own mistakes and learn from them,” I intervened. “But laughing at others is bad manners” said Manya’s mother aghast. She probably couldn’t believe that I being an educator encouraged such mannerisms.

Here we are, as parents, trying every single day, to instil in our children, values, morals and socially acceptable manners that we carry forward. We are all struggling parents with unkempt hair, sweat drenched clothing, tired feet and inquisitive children, who mostly ask a hundred nagging questions everyday . Whatever we do and however we make it, we hold the best interest of our children at heart.

But is our best, the best for them? We try our best to educate them, nurture them and give them the best facilities.

But do we teach them survival skills?

No. We spoon feed them.

We teach them what to think, and not how to think. Children should be encouraged to follow their own school of thought than endorsing what they have been fed. The parenting motto should be to prepare them well for an uncertain future.

My justification for the above laughing example (that I never told Manya’s mother) :

Yes, it is bad manners to laugh at others. And it is good that the kids know that. But at the same time, it is important to give them the freedom, to choose there own actions, to discover the wrong and the right with their inner conscience. When they grow up and make mistakes (mistakes are human), and the world laughs at them, will they be able to take that light-spiritedly and move on? No. Simply because they aren’t resilient enough.

All this while overprotecting, spoon-feeding and preparing them for the rat race, we forgot, they would leave the classroom someday.

– Neha J

©️Thoughts just Curious

When you just can’t let go

Sometimes it is not seeking closure,

Still leaving self and delving deeper,

Into the stories, the perceptions and the alignments,

The path not taken, yet cherished,

Those not acknowledged, yet treasured,

The pride that is left behind,

And the soul that crosses the line,

Dear history, this time when you repeat,

Trust me, I would be difficult to defeat,

My mer girl would dive deeper

To save her patch eyed skipper

-Neha J

©️Thoughts just Curious

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