Quarantine incognito – Secret Goals Achieved

I very clearly remember, as if it were yesterday, hiding behind the pale yellow striped wooden door of my aunt’s balcony, holding a small silver scissor (that is still there at my mum’s place) trying to snip my own fringes. Being a hairdresser was a secret childhood obsession. I was always caught. Well mostly! Seems …

The Unspoken Accord

There are a handful, who would be with you for whoever you are, not for where you come from, nor what work you do, not for you achievements or the favours you could bestow upon them. These are the souls we seek, ironically these are the ones we fail to recognise. It’s like finding an …



Fidgety uncle on the flight and random thoughts

It is 11th October 2019. Amitabh Bachchan’s birthday, that he gladly shares with my father, ahem, “happy birthday Papa.” I am returning from my husband’s farmhouse in Jharsuguda, Odisha with a part of the immediate family. The part of the immediate family travelling comprises of the legally wedded husband, the six year old vibrantly inquisitive …

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