The Art Of Choosing Life

She tried too hard NOT TO BREATHE, to give up on herself, to strangle herself into the arms of Death. While waiting for her soul to depart, she could witness her entire life in a flash, including the greatest love. Her treasured golden voice, that could have vanquished the world. She was about to let …

“He didn’t matter,” she lied… thoughts & Quotes 3

The thought of being with her patch-eyed pirate was so beguiling, that the prepossessing mermaid let go off her dwelling, As she left her solace and finally surfaced, The tranquility she was seeking was vanquished.. -Neha Jhunjhunwala ©️Thoughts just Curious

Blinding Beauty

The form of beauty is so beguilingly blinding, That we seldom look beyond it. The skill, the art, the love, all dwell in disguise, While our shallow mortal beings rejoices ©️Thoughts just curious Neha Jhunjhunwala

Declutter the mind

The epiphany while decluttering – That we had once treasured, may not be precious at all – Neha J Coprights©️Thoughts just curious

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